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Visiting & Volunteering


Sandra and Tommy would like to invite you to come and visit Seeds of Hope Children’s Home. It is a lovely experience spending an afternoon playing with the children and learning how they all live together happily. The children love to show visitors their home and may even enjoy practicing their English with you. We can assure you it’s an afternoon you will not forget! Due to school commitments and other activities it is best to call or email before you come. See the contact details, map and directions under ‘Contact Us’ for further information.


Sandra and Tommy also welcome Volunteers to come and stay with them for a period of time at the Children’s Home. To really experience life in the Orphanage it is best for the Volunteers to live (eat and sleep) at the Orphanage. To wake up with the children and have breakfast together, to get involved in their daily routine. Volunteers are also asked to help with after school english lessons, organise art sessions, play games, sports and help the children with their daily chores such as cooking and cleaning. The children love to dance, sing and make music and are very happy if a Volunteer with a skill of that type can help them improve their ability and talent.

How To Volunteer

Due to high demand for Volunteer space at Seeds of Hope, it is necessary to apply well in advance of the time you would like to Volunteer. PLEASE NOTE - NO VOLUNTEER SPACES ARE AVAILABLE FOR JUNE OR JULY OF ANY YEAR. For the year 2017 all expressions of interest must be emailed to Sandra and Ocha ( prior to 31 January 2017. Please include the dates and length of time you would like to volunteer during the year 2017 (other than the months of June and July - these months are a blackout period for volunteers). There are limited Volunteer placements left for 2017 and should you miss the deadline of 31 January 2017, feel free to apply for a place in 2018 with the deadline for that year still over 6 months away on 31 July 2017. Once your email has been received and considered, you will be supplied with a short application to provide SoH with the information required to determine if Seeds of Hope Children's Home is a suitable place for your needs as a Volunteer and that you are a suitable candidate for the Volunteer needs of the Home.

Depending on your intentions, whether they are just to visit or to stay in a volunteer capicity. It is important that you check with your travel agent or your local Indonesian Consulate to find out the necessary Visa / Paperwork you require to enter Indonesia. If you are eligible for a Visa-on-Arrival (VoA) this can cost USD25.00 and can be obtained on arrival at Ngurah Rai Airport in Bali. Citizens of some countries are not required to pay for a VoA. This Visa will be valid for up to 30 days and under some circumstances can be extended for additional time while in Bali at the Immigration Office. It is important that you research a country and their customs before visiting. Some helpful websites for Indonesian travel and documentation information:

Sandra and Ocha can advise you of any other necessary documentation you may require to Volunteer at the Home. A small donation for your meals and lodging is required and can be paid for while you are visiting. Details such as these can be discussed when you contact Sandra to arrange a Volunteer placement.