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About Us

Let us introduce ourselves!

Panti Asuhan Benih Harapan the Balinese Orphanage also known as Seeds of Hope Children’s Home (SoH) was founded in March 2001 by Reverend Tommy and his wife Sandra. The Orphanage is situated north-west of Denpasar. This is a 30 minute drive from Kuta, 20 minutes from Seminyak and 45 minutes from Sanur.

Tommy (68 years) and Sandra (72 years) are Christians and welcome children of all backgrounds and religions. In July 2001, just 4 months after opening their doors to the children, Sandra suffered a stroke. When you meet Sandra you will initially notice the physical signs and impact this stroke has had. However, after spending only a short time with her, you will become aware of what a strong and capable woman she is. This is apparent with the fact she has been a ‘mother’ and caregiver for over 500 children in these past 15 years.

As of December 2016 SoH is responsible for 55 resident and 5 non-resident children from the ages of 5 - 21 years old. All of them attend school, except of course those that are too young. Seeds of Hope is a cheerful place with a warm and loving atmosphere. You can always hear the children making music, singing or playing football around the house. Sandra and Tommy emphasise the importance of education and encourage the children to take part in all positive activities. It is more than just an Orphanage; it really feels more like an extra large family unit. There is no management or staff, so to speak. Just a big family of people working together. Sandra and Tommy's daughter in law Ocha is also a very big help with the day to day scheduling and running of the Home. With everyone pulling their weight, all the chores get done and the children are taught a sense of responsibility, a sense of pride and valuable life skills.

While the older children do an amazing job of helping to look after the younger ones, it is Sandra and Tommy who are the backbone of the Home. Can you imagine raising more than 55 children by yourself? This is why everyone works together as a family. Some of the children are orphans, some come from broken homes and others come from parents who are just too poor to provide education or enough food to sustain life. Sandra and Tommy strive to provide an environment of love and security for the children so they can grow and develop as they all deserve.

However, they cannot do this alone, they need our help. The condition of living is acceptable but they still require ongoing funding to pay for everyday necessities such as food, education, toiletries and medical costs. So we ask you to take the time to learn more about Seeds of Hope Children’s Home and maybe consider visiting if you are ever in Bali.

Sandra, Tommy & Family

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